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Assembly delivered

Assembly Row is an entirely new business address for office space in Somerville, MA – only 2.5 miles from Boston. It is unique and unlike anything that Boston or its suburbs currently offer. With office space built for the 21st century workforce, Assembly Row is a transit-oriented development designed to foster collaboration, community, and connectivity while delivering efficiencies across three platforms – building design and footprint, energy reduction, and access to amenities. The mix of restaurants, shopping, services, retail space, entertainment & events, residential opportunities, and office space in Somerville’s Assembly Row creates a place that defines work/life balance and gives new meaning to corporate positioning. Your current and future office employees want to be at Assembly Row and both the buildings and campus are designed to help you recruit and retain them while supporting your bottom-line.

Well-designed office space delivers tangible, measurable benefits that support a company’s bottom-line.

Assembly Row delivers:

  • Improved access to public transportation by providing a dedicated T station within 450 feet of the front door
  • A dynamic and collaborative environment filled with active public spaces across 45+ waterfront acres
  • A healthy office building and environment that supports a healthier lifestyle, which in turn can promote less absenteeism
  • A competitive edge in recruiting and retaining the best employees by locating in an amenity-rich environment proximate to great urban living and great accessibility
  • An opportunity for premiere building signage with visibility to I-93 and the Orange Line, coupled with enhanced campus branding
  • A real reduction in operating costs 10% to 15% improved footprint efficiency with a new office building
    plus 20% to 50% in energy cost reduction
    plus 5 to 10 minutes of reduced time away from the office per day by delivering access to lunch options, errands, and a work-out within feet of the front door

When you locate your new office space in Somerville, MA at Assembly Row, you can build your very own campus.


To learn more about Assembly Row, contact:
Joseph P. Flaherty